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  • Hey all, it's been a while 🙋🏾‍♂️

    So I haven't dropped maintaining the wiki over on Git Hub, but I've been busy with other projects in lots of languages other than lua, and haven't had much time to research/update any pages recently.

    I have however noticed there is still a fair number of consistent views on the pages and was wondering:

    If I had some time what would we like to see updated? and Has anyone found any glaring issues that need to be fixed?

    I know the official pages have been updated and added to over time, so I'm been reluctant to add without adding a little value. Ideally, I'd like to add topics with concrete examples of how to use them, but this takes time and testing (and fixing my spelling and typos).

    Just wondering if anyone finds the info on the wiki there useful, or should I leave it to the professionals over at MA?

    I'm like 60 posts behind here on the forums, so hopefully, I haven't missed something.

  • Hi Hoss,

    I used your Wiki at the beginning, thanks you for that.
    But stopped after a while.
    Most of what I was looking for was missing (Object-API specifically)

    I started documenting the Object-API in the form of TypeScript types
    (Since I am developing plugins in TypeScript)

    You can find it here (It's a fork):

    I also wrote some general documentation about using and developing Plugins.
    I can share that with you.

    You are welcome to contact me at: hepi [AT] ma3-pro-plugins [dot] com
    And we might collaborate on this.

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