control midi software

  • I'm going to use my dot 2 to also control the GrandVJ video and pangolin laser software with MIDI.
    This works ....
    However, the programming process is very cumbersome.
    it is not possible to set a MIDINote comand in the (control or all)preset

    Male 51 Nederland

  • I use the dot core 2 for guiding the light
    in addition to the core are two computers that control the lasers (pangolin) LED screens and video (arkaos).
    the PCs are actuated by mouse and keyboard.

    Pangolin and arcaos can also be controlled via MIDI to

    If it is to be operated by one person, this is annoying

    Now I make a (fake) cue whereafter I fill the cmd with the midinote

    i have connected al bij Iconnect Midi And it seems to work.

    However, the programming is very cumbersome and it would be nice that in a preset macro or all those actions taken.

    groeten Theo

    Male 51 Nederland