merge group to selective phaser

  • hello,

    I made a pan phaser with some ma tricks for group 1. [ save it as selective in the position pool]

    how can i merge group 2 to phaser so they work together?

    thank you, .

  • If you create the phaser by hand, then you need to create it for group 2 again. If your base is a predefined phaser, just select group 2, select the predefined phase and store/merge it to the selective phaser.

  • thank you,

    I hope in the future that will be an option.

    option like,,,,, STORE INTEGRATE

    Why should it be? It will bring more confusion then can, like Ryan say, clone a group which will "integrate"...but just put a new group into it will bring mess. How should it f.e. bring the selection?

  • The clone is woks ! I made a macro for it Clone Group (Clone Data of these GROUP IDs) At Group (Clone Data to these GROUP IDs) If Preset (PRESET ID of the PRESET to clone only)

    thank you

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