Embedded present symbol bug?

  • Presets get the symbol of referenced by other presets when only being referenced by cues, NOT other presets (downward arrow pointing to a line). My guess it’s a bug?

  • Just tried it in I have the same effect. When I set my fixtures to a press and then store this in a sequence, the reference arrow appears. This I accept as a normal behavior, since the preset is referenced to (by the cue). However, when I Oops to undo the store action the referenced sign stays. When I try to delete the preset, the warning appears that the preset has references although it does not have any anymore.

  • The referenced-by-cue symbol is only the arrow, says the manual. So that’s why I suspect this beeing a bug.

    But it’s not the end of the world. It probably gets fixed in upcomming versions🙂

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