Control Temp from BMP

  • The ultimate goal here is to have a temp fader controlled via incoming BPM/Speed Master.

    The show has some SpeedMasters tied to the incoming audio to set BPM of effects.

    Now that want to also alter a Temp fader cue based on the rate (ie position) of the SpeedMaster, ie faster the BMP the closer to 100% the Temp fader is.

    This will be used to alter the speed attribute of a video fixture.

    Anyone have an elegant way to do this? Perhaps Hook the SpeedMaster?


  • I think hooks work only for changes in the data model.

    And an executor's fader value is not in the model.
    You get the fader value by calling a function on the executor:


    You I think you can't hook it. (But I didn't try it yet)

    1) You can have a macro that when you run it, it will update the Temp fader's value according to the current speed master's value.
    3) You can poll the SpeedMaster value, every second (using the Timer() function), and update the Temp fader's value.
    2) You can use some external OSC app, that listens for speedster changes, and sends back a Command that sets the Temp fader's value.

  • Workaround 4:

    CueZero: Lua "last_time = Time() - 1"

    Cue 1:Lua "local diff=Time()-last_time Cmd('FaderTemp Exec 201 At %.0f', 50*math.sqrt(1/diff)) last_time = Time()"

    OffCue: Lua "last_time = nil"

    set Cue 1 to Time trigger of 1 second, and link the sequence rate to your speedmaster.

    your tempfader should update its position for every beat, when this sequence is toggled on.

    In a real world implementation, you should add conditions to only move the fader if time-difference actually has changed, scale appropriately the fader range and be careful of global namespace.

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