MacBook M1 hardware specs for ma3 onPC 3D

  • Hello, I'm wondering which MacBook Pro is powerful enough for a pleasant and usable 3D visualization in MA3 onPC. I've already informed myself a lot, but I'm not sure which equipment elements and specifications are important.

    My budget would max out for an M1 Max with a 10-core CPU, 32-core GPU and 32GB of shared RAM. Of course, I would also like to spend less money. maybe only 16GB RAM and 24- or 16-core GPU are enough? So far my shows are still small, but I would also like to visualize more complex stages and light shows in the future.

    If someone wants to advise me against Apple, please only with really good reasons apart from the question of costs, because I want to continue working with MacOS and also need the computer for many other things, since my old MacBook from 2014 is slowly giving up.

    Does anyone have any experience with the new M1 MacBooks in connection with grandMA 3D / onPC? Thanks!

  • When you talk about 3D, do you mean grandMA3 onPC built-in 3D or a separate visualizer?

    I'm running grandMA3 onPC and Capture 2022 on an M1 MacBook Pro and it's super smooth. I wouldn't worry that much. Also, MA viz-key works seamlessly under macOS.

    If you plan to hook up a Command Wing, check back with your distributor. I think at least the early versions of onPC didn't support Command Wing under macOS. Maybe, someone can comment on that aspect?

  • Hi guys,

    Those that have a M1 chip Mac, do you see the beams bright enough in the 3d window?

    I have a

    Chipset Model: Apple M1 Max

    Type: GPU

    Bus: Built-In

    Total Number of Cores: 32

    Vendor: Apple (0x106b)

    Metal Support: Metal 3

    , and still can't see the beams bright in the 3d window. is anybody having this ?

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