X-keys behaviour

  • I may have misunderstood, in that case I apologize, but I don't really understand the changes in the way that the X-keys work now, compared to GMA2. I get that U1 toggles the x-keys overlay in the executor bar and that the U2 key toggles the executor bar. But my problems are the following:

    1. If I don't happen to have a command wing at the moment when programming at home for example, then it's really not practical to use the x-keys at all since I don't have an U1/U2 button. I can make a macro of course, but that's beside the point.

    2. I realisticly only have 16 x-keys now, compared to GMA2:s 40. Since the X-keys page, or U1 page or whatever you want to call it, changes when I change to another fader page. I can fix my macros to always be accessible, of course. But as I said, then I only have 16 buttons at my disposal.

    Have I misunderstood this whole concept? Is this going to change in future software versions? Is there a way, that I haven't figured out, to fix a certain executor page to the "x-keys-executors", if that makes any sense? I mean, a way to not make that page/those pages follow the regular fader pages when I toggle between them.

    If I could wish for ONE thing when it comes to MA3, is would be that this would work like it does, or similar, on GMA2, because it works really great there, in my oppinion.

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