onPC Version crashing

  • Hey everyone,

    my onPC software is crashing all the time.

    I spend some hours yesterday creating a bsuking showfile and a stage in 3D to test it and in the evening it happend the first time.

    Turned of the computer and today when i tried to go back to work it crashed again.

    Uninstaling ma3 and reinstaling it didn't help either.

    any ideas?

    I am using a HP Omen 17

  • From the spec's I learn your laptop has a GPU.

    Now for you to check whether Gma3onPC effectively used the GPU.

    [windows] + [R] taskmgr + [enter]

    Select 'more details', now your view changes and the last column shows you the GPU usage.

  • Well the problem is i can not even start MA3 properly, because it will automatically shut down and try to restart again in a loop

    But when i checked yesterday it was using the GPU to visualize

  • see this

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