Layout View Fixture Viz

  • I want to make an official wish for this however I thought I would throw the idea out there to gather some feedback so I can make a more informed request...

    Right now the visualisation of fixture output in layout views is quite basic. And to the best of my knowledge there is no way to actually turning off the symbol/image reacting to the dim/col of the unit.

    All we get is a brightness and colour of any part of the image that isn't transparent being manipulated with the fixture output, so if it's off you just get a black silhouette, or worse, a box.

    The 'other' industry leading console obviously handles their Magic Sheets in a much more advanced way, with the console able to talk to the layers in .svg files for various visualisation.

    Ideally we could have something like this in MA3 as well. But I am wondering what is the best mechanism to achieve this without asking too much from the developers.

    For me personally I'd like simply to be able to have

    1-part of the image that is always transparent

    2-part of the image that is 'always on' as drawn in the image

    3-part of the image that reacts to dim/colour attributes.

    I am also aware of the desire to try and keep with the gdtf standard, which is already using png files.

    My thinking was along the lines of:

    1-Anything that is transparent (ie full aloha) remains transparent

    2-Any part of the image that is not full r:255 g:255 b:255 is always shown

    3-Any part of the image that IS full r:255 g:255 b:255 (ie white) reacts to dim/colour (and hopefully gobo!)

    What do other people think?

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