External Show not loading. Syntax error "Illegal Cue number"

  • Hi everyone! I've been creating shows on my Macbook pro and then transferring the shows to an MA3 full-size. This transfer always works fine. However, if I update the show on the MA3 and then try to load it back onto my Mac I get the following programmer error: Illegal cue number:LoadShow"/Volumes/Ben"Store Cue"MA/grandMA3/shared/shows/Atrium_BK_1-10-23"

    After attempting multiple times I ended up moving the file with Finder to my Mac's internal drive. This allows the show to be loaded. Not sure why I can't load off the USB drive. I'm sure the issue is with the first "Illegal cue number" I just cant figure out why thats being put in the programmer as im trying to load a show.

  • I'm quite suspicious about this naming:

    LoadShow"/Volumes/Ben"Store Cue"MA/grandMA3/shared/shows/Atrium_BK_1-10-23"

    to the computer's mind, this would read: LoadShow /Volumes/Ben and the rest is omitted.

    Change "Store Cue" to ' [single cuote] Store Cue' and you are out of trouble?

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