Assign Exec Config to Selected Exec

  • Hi!

    I'm trying to Assign Exec Config to Selected Exec

    Set Sequence Property 'Config' "Config Name" does not seem to work

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  • You select a sequence but not an executor. The executor displays that it is the selected sequence.

    You assign an executor configuration to an executor, not to a sequence.

    Maybe you can explain what you want to achieve?

  • This is a good point and clearly where I'm falling down.

    I'm looking to assign an Exec Config to all exec references of a selected sequence.

    Via Macro, I'm just trying to make the selected sequence/ exec buttons "Top" for example.

  • trying to understand the overall full intended workflow here.

    do you have the sequence assigned to multiple executors?

    how and why (for what purpose) is the sequence selected in the first place?

  • I use a series of macros that create "bumps" on a selected exec.

    As they build the sequence, I wish to also assign an Exec Config.

    I only have the sequence assigned to one exec.

  • plausible solution:


    Collect (2xSelect) instead of Select:

    Select Select Press Page x.y

    then your macro could:

    Select Collection

    Assign Configuration x At Collection


    add Collect at end of macro to empty collection

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