• Hey,

    I'm quite new to the grandMA3 Ecosystem and have recently started testing the grandMA3 onPC Software.
    I have been playing around with Macros and my question is if I can somehow use a command to Increment/Decrement one of the 5 Encoders or Increment/Decrement the current assigned FeatureGroup assigned to the Encoders?


  • Welcome to grandMA3!

    It's pretty simple. With the fixtures selected you can do:

    • Attribute "<Attribute>" At <absolute value>
    • Attribute "<Attribute>" At  + <relative value>
    • Attribute "<Attribute>" At - <relative value>
    • Attribute "<Attribute>" At %<percentage value>

    The Attribute keyword can be shortened to just Att.

    Example: Att "Dimmer" %20 will set the dimmer value to 20% of what it currently is. Att "Dimmer" + 10 will increment the dimmer value by ten. Note: The blank between +/- when using relative values.

  • Hey,

    Thank you so far but there's still one Problem.

    I want the Attribute that is currently assigned to one of the five encoders.

    So if the Dimmer was assigned to Encoderwheel 1 the Macro should Increment the Dimmer but if, for example, Pan was assigned to Encoderwheel 1 it should Increment Pan.

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