Use variable in the variable

  • Hi Everyone, i'm trying to make something maybe it's not possible.

    I need to use a value of an interger var to recall different var.

    the situation now :

    -SetUserVar SG_NUM 1
    -SetUserVar SG_ADDVAR "SetUserVar SG_NUM 1$SG_NUM"
    -Label Page $SG_NUM $"SG_Song_1" ; Label Sequence $SG_NUM $"SG_Song_1" ;Label Macro 101 $"SG_Song_1" ; $SG_ADDVAR
    -Label Page $SG_NUM $"SG_Song_2" ; Label Sequence $SG_NUM $"SG_Song_2" ;Label Macro 102 $"SG_Song_2" ; $SG_ADDVAR


    I want make the recall of the VARIABLE SG_Song_x based on the SG_NUM that is incremental for every row.

    It's possible recall i var that is made from an value of another var?

    Something around this i think:
    Label Page $SG_NUM $"SG_Song_"$SG_NUM

  • To me this seems to be much easier with a simple plugin. If I read your macro code well, you want to label a series of pages, sequences and macros with the name "SG_Song_x". To achieve this you can use something like this:

    Of course, you can extend this plugin so that you can set other parameters such as the base song name, the start page, start sequence and start macro.

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