Fade time when editing values in recipes

  • I have a busk showfile where i can edit the values (phase values) off my recipes via CMD. However, when i change the values, the fixtures are snapping to their new value. (This link refers to a show that i've done and you see the lights snapping to their new value each time i edit them). At 00:18. Is it possible to create a fade time or anything so the snapping is over? The snapping is realy annoying.

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  • This is a normal behaviour. If you change values. What you can do, use 2 Cuelists and use crossfade between them. you can decide which of the 2 cues are active and only change the values in the notactive cue. In MA3 you can't compare for the moment variables. You need a little LUA script to do so.

    local function main()

    local userVars = UserVars()

    local PlugPosAct = GetVar(userVars, "PositionActive")

    if PlugPosAct == 1 then Cmd("Store Preset 2.502 /m")

    elseif PlugPosAct == 2 then Cmd("Store Preset 2.501 /m")

    else Cmd("Store Preset 2.501 /m")



    return main

    its what I used a while ago...but I changed the system again, so no need for it anymore.

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