Difficulty replicating Flyout Effect (Phaser) - Following MA/Lightpower Webinar

  • I'm trying to follow the "Phaser im Detail" Webinar held by Daniel Kannenberg in 2020. I figured, things have since evolved in grandma3 software. Unfortunately, I can't replicate the effect. What am I missing. Here is a screen recording of me following the Webinar steps in version

    Here are the issues I'm having:

    • When changing the phaser speed for the Dimmer and the Position Feature Groups to the same value (e.g. 20 BPM) they are no longer in sync.
    • Further along in the Webinar, Daniel clicks on the "AtFilter" button/tab in the Encoder Bar section which opens the AtFilter popup. When I click on it, it just toggles between Single / Feature / AtFilter.

    I'm stuck. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  • Hello Ralf,

    you can sync the attributes with the help of the sny button. deactivate and activate it again. I don't know what you mean with AtFilter in the encoder bar.....there is only a button Link Values which switch between Single (each attribute is single activated, like with RGB only R....and with feature it would activate connected attrributes....like RGB belongs together. The AtFilter is a help that if you store a Sequence you not accidently store f.e. Color within the Flyout, which for sure should contain only Dimmer and Position attributes.

    Greetuz Thomas

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