Trying to increment/decrement attribute value with 406 Knob Executor and EncoderLeftCmd / EncoderRightCmd

  • I am relatively new to grandma and hope you guys can point me into the right direction.

    I've got a fixture which is like an "active" mirrorball. See here.

    In the Beam feature group, the fixture has a LaserBeam Rotation feature which is used to set the rotation speed. What I try to achieve is for the 406 Knob Executor to control the speed of rotation.

    Here is what I've done:

    • Selected the fixture.
    • Manually set the LaserBeam Rotation attribute to 50 Stop via the Encoder Bar.
    • Stored this as a new Cue in a new Sequence to the 406 Knob Executor.
    • Manually entered the command Att "LASERBEAMROTATION" At - 1 into the command prompt and confirmed it works. Whenever I manually submit the command, the LaserBeam Rotation attribute gets decremented by 1.
    • Edited the 406 Knob Executor configuration:
      • On the Handle tab:
        • Set Encoder to Empty
        • Set EncoderLeftCmd to Att "LASERBEAMROTATION" At - 1
        • Set EncoderRightCmd to Att "LASERBEAMROTATION" At - 2

    Now, when I turn the Knob executor, it does not work as expected. Also, the command line history, instead of showing Attribute "LASERBEAMROTATION" At - 1, shows Attribute "LASERBEAMROTATION" At - 1 Page 1.406

    I'm not sure whether the "Page 1.406" part causes the problem. I'm also not sure, why it gets added the first place.

    I have made a screen recording available here. This has been recorded with grandma3 onPC. On the real console it's exactly the same. What am I doing wrong?

    Last but not least: I did store a sequence/cue to the executor in the above example. Do I always have to do this? Or is there any other way to tell the executor it should "target" the selected fixture?

    Note: This is not a duplicate post. I have asked this an hour ago but figured, my writing wasn't super clear. English is not my native language.

  • You are storing a Sequence onto the Executor. But what you want to do is, just store a Macro on Encoder Left/Right.
    Not in front the console right now, but store an empty cue (no active values in programmer!) then use as command for Encoder Left Group x ; Att "LASERBEAMROTATION" At - 1 and for the Encoder Right Group x ; Att "LASERBEAMROTATION" At - 2.

    But I don't get what you want to do with that in this way? You all time can have this work done in programmer window.

    I would more recommend to store a Sequence with the laserbeamrotation at 100% in the Sequence and assign the Encoder to Temp. Then you can increment and decrement the values like you want, without having them in the encoder. If its just for Programming case, then as well, store an empty Sequence and then add your CMD...or you can try to store the CMD in a Macro and Go+ Macro x as Command.

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