Difficulty understanding Selective vs. Global Presets

  • Even after reading through numerous articles and watching trainings, I'm having difficulties understanding the various Preset Modes.

    One key question: Do S-Presets actually store a concrete selection, so are they effectively combining a GROUP with another feature?

    I've made a screen recording available here. In that session, I'm selecting the yellow GLOBAL COLOR Preset. However, when clicking the preset once, it selects only one of the five fixtures. Why? Isn't a GLOBAL preset supposed to NOT store any selection?

    I really don't get the differences. If someone could explain precisely the difference between SELECTIVE, GLOBAL, UNIVERSAL presets, that would be greatly appreciated.

  • Universal preset is available for any fixtures with these attributes

    Global preset is available for all fixture of the same fixture type

    Selective preset is only for the selection which has been stored.

    In your video, Yellow global preset is available for all your MdotXT, but of course not for the MdotSx, which is a different fixture type.

    And red global preset is for MdotSX. but not for MdoXt, for same reasons.

  • Like Bentoylight explained with the U/G/S Presets.
    Further....you can store of course selective informations in a U/G preset. If you store you can see in the popup window the request how you want to store and in which preset mode. If the preset in the pool is empty, you can store in a different preset mode by holding the store button upon the storeoption window will open, there you can chose the store option.
    By default the preset pools are foollowing:
    Dimmer = universal
    Position = Selective
    all others = Global
    All pools you should decide yourself at best.
    You can change the behaviour of a pool by clicking on the Pool icon and change the preset mode. But I would recommand to leave it like it is, cause f.e. for colors you want to adjust not every fixture of the same type to a color. If you f.e. add a new fixture and the pool is selective, you need to do all colors again. If you have them color as Global for this fixture its automatically, cause this preset is global for all fixtures of this fixturetype. Of course if you f.e. store a preset odd fixtures are red, even blue, then you need to do store it selective.

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