Reshuffle preset on OffCue

  • Hi Forum,

    Would it be possible to reshuffle a preset on an OffCue?

    I have the following macro so far:

    Set Preset 21.1196 Property "XShuffle" 6

    It works but it is not random, would it be possible to increment the value or pick a random number?


  • i have previously enquired about using the offcue. From what I was told it's not possible to use offcue for recepies or individual timings. If this is correct, macros and commands might be unusable as well.

    June 14, 2022 at 12:15 PM
  • I'm sure there is a better way but as a workaround, you could get a random number from LUA.

    This one-liner will get a random number from 0 to 100 and store it in the RND UserVariable.

    lua"SetVar(UserVars(),'RND', tostring(math.floor(math.random()*100)))"

    The Lua expanded out it looks like this:

    local uv = UserVars()
    local name = "RND"
    local scale = 100
    math.randomseed(os.time()) -- you *might* need this at least once to avoid getting the same "random" pattern
    SetVar(uv,name, tostring(math.floor(math.random()*scale)))

    You can then use the variable in your macro

  • Thanks that code works I can see the random number value changing when debugging using GetUserVar $RND

    But somehow when changing the XShuffle in the preset the pattern does not change (also when doing it manually).

    Also changing XBlock, XGroup or XWing have not effect. What does change the effect is XFade and XDelay.

    Not sure what I am doing wrong

  • The issue is probably that the selection order is changing but your phase isn't.

    You can confirm this by looking at the Selection Grid and the Phase layer in the fixture sheet. Changing the Shuffle changes the selection grid but the phase values are still saved to the same fixtures (thus nothing changes) you can probably fix this using recipes.

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