• I'm in the middle of making an Appearance macro--right now it works only on pool objects, not page objects.

    Current methodology is CD into selected pool object, then Edit Property "Appearance", then CD root. This works fine for pool objects.

    When selecting a sequence on a page, the selected object is a page object (i.e. Page 1.401) with multiple pool dependencies, not a pool object. When you CD into the page object, you can't edit the dependent sequence properties with an "edit" command, since the page object doesn't actually hold the appearance.

    Am I going about this wrong? Any tips on writing an Appearance macro for page objects?

  • You'd need to know which appearance you were assigning before beginning the operation then, no? I understand that that's how you would write a macro to assign a specific appearance to an object, but I'm trying to write one that will open the appearance select window for any object, like how in ma2 you could "appearance" something and then the color select window would open.

    Do you know if this is achievable?

  • This works fine for pool objects.

    This will fail with the sequence pool - if the sequence is running...

    You can easily see the issue if you change the property from "Appearance" to "Name" :

    Off Sequence 1

    CD Sequence 1

    Edit Property "Name"

    -> edit the name of the sequence

    CD Root

    Go+ Sequence 1

    CD Sequence 1

    Edit Property "Name"

    -> edit the name of the current cue

    CD Root


    if you change your macroline Edit Property "Appearance" to the following Lua snippet, I believe you will get what you are looking for:

    Lua "local o=CmdObj().Destination if o:GetClass()=='Exec' then o=o.Object end CmdIndirect('Edit '..o:ToAddr()..' Property \'Appearance\' ')"

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