bad bug: editing and updating a relative postion preset does not update into sequence where it's used and if store merged into cue it breaks up related absolute preset, IF MATRICKS OPTION TRANFORM: MIRROR WAS USED...

  • hey folks,

    i just found a really annoying bug. i have a 1 step absolute preset which is called wall. i have a 2 step relative circle preset which is called circle. i store this into 1 cue into a sequence and the look is as it's supposed to be, tracking is clean as you can see in the screenshot. both presets show up in the tracking sheet.

    but when i edit the the relative circle preset, change it's size and update it (does not matter if i do it using the update menu or just store merge it) the new look with the enlarged circle size does not convert to the sequence where the preset is used, instead it completely f**** up the look. only when i call the now enlarged circle preset again and store merge it into the sequence, the look is as it's supposed to be, but therefore the absolute preset wall, gets broken up into some hard values in the tracking sheet!

    and if i now call the absolute preset wall into the programmer again and merge it into the cue, the look gets f****ed up again...

    i also tried to edit the absolute wall preset and and update the preset. and if i do that it converts over into the sequence, but it messes up the phase in my relative circle preset. it changes from 0 thru 360 to 0. after calling the absolute wall preset into the programme and store merge it into the sequence it works...

    if you create a relative position preset in the phaser editor from scratch in a empty programmer, without having any sequence or whatever running, as soon as you place your 1st step it activates the absolute layer for no reason. so i am pretty sure grandma3 still has problems with relations of absolute and relative presets and updating things. i've tried it many times now and i am almost sure i did nothing wrong...

  • nothing wrong with it...

    if your absolute wall preset is supposed to be a static absolute preset:

    A) you shouldn't have two steps in the programmer ("1/2" in the step-selector)

    B) you shouldn't have values in the phaserlayers (purple marker in sheet for pan/tilt)

    if your absolute wall preset is supposed to be a phaser aswell, you cannot edit either of your two different phasers (with a predictable result), while both of them is playing back,

  • Andreas it doesn't make any difference if my absolute wall layer has 1 or 2 steps. i tried that, same result...sry that i forgot to write that i forgot to delete the 2nd step. but i played around for hours until i got pretty upset, took the screenshots and posted here...

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  • Andreas as soon as your sequence runs and contains relative phaser values and you call the absolute wall preset into the programmer it shows the purple phaser layer, regardless if it contains any values in it.

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  • Andreas the second step in the absolute preset before was empty. so here i used single step. same result.

    its also strange that if you have no sequence running and you call the pure relative circle preset in the programmer, the absolute layer gets activated...on the other hand if you have a sequence runnig, and call a pure absolute single step preset into the programmer some purple phaser layer gets activated altough it doesnt exist...i took those screenshots while the sequence was not running...

  • Andreas hey i played around a little bit today and what i found out is: everything works fine, BUT the problem comes if you use the new MAtricksoption "Transform: Mirror"...

    so i programmed a static position preset and a relative circle moving around it, works fine. also editing the circle size afterwards and update the preset works fine.

    then i programmed a relative symmetrical circle moving around it using the "Transform: Mirror" option. i saved that into a cue and there was the first problem. you have to toggle the sequence again or else the relative circle is not running. and if you change the relative circle preset's (containing MAtricks and within that "Transform: Mirror") SIZE and update that preset it breaks up the static preset in the tracking sheet..

    that is a bug :/

  • zangetsu

    Changed the title of the thread from “bad bug: editing and updating a relative postion preset does not update into sequence where it's used and if store merged into cue it breaks up related absolute preset” to “bad bug: editing and updating a relative postion preset does not update into sequence where it's used and if store merged into cue it breaks up related absolute preset, IF MATRICKS OPTION TRANFORM: MIRROR WAS USED...”.
  • Using transform directly on/in a Preset will unfortunately partly break the reference when the value is transformed from the preset into the programmer.

    I believe this can be seen in your screenshot "Relative circle preset in programmer"

    - the relative layer pan attribute of half of the fixtures is not referencing the circle preset you just called.


    Maybe this will help:

    select your fixtures

    press Edit Edit (=Editsetting) and then your relative circle preset.

    press "Turn into recipe" and "Take selection" and close editsettings dialog

    your circle preset should now show a yellow recipe pot icon instead of a green matricks dotgrid icon.

    remake your cues.

    By moving the transform instruction from the preset to the preset recipe, the transformation is performed from the recipe to the preset instead of from the preset to the programmer.

    Having matricks directly in presets is great for busking, but for programming cues, I recommend using the matricks as part of a recipe inside the preset or a recipe inside the cuepart.

  • Andreas i was wondering as well why every 2nd fixture has lost it's preset reference on pan...i mentioned that in another thread once...

    i used to use recipes for my symmetrical circles by splitting my linear selection into 2 groups for example 101 thru 110 in 101 thru 105 and 110 thru 106 and use one circle running direction 1 and the other circle running the same but with "mirror time on x-axis", problem was you had to assign every phase etc in 2 recipe lines then and all those inverted half groups where useless for symmetrical dimmer effects, so i was glad that the "Transform: Mirror" option came up.

    thank you for that workaround, i'll try that tomorrow!

  • Andreas i tried that now. same thing happens. but i noticed first i stored my static absolute preset into my cue. then i ran my cue. next i called my relative circle preset into the programmer which is now a recipe as you suggested. and here i could see (as in the screenshot), the absolute layer of the fixtures gets activated and the wall preset reference in the encoder bar gets broken up i switched off the absolute layer, stored my relative values into my cue, and now the wall preset reference got broken up there's witches brew somehow haha

  • Andreas that is my workaround now. using 1 recipe with half groups and circle/inverted circle lines as a template similar to ma2 effect lines... i adjust the values and save this as a new preset which i use in my cues. when i now edit this new preset's size and update it, the absolute preset in the tracking does not get broken up. but that is a pretty annoying way to do such a simple thing...

  • 1: load the "Simple Show" from the demoshow-folder

    2: create equivalents to your wall preset, circle preset and sequence 7 from scratch, using the existing Admin user(profile) and existing Patch

    3a: if you experience the same problem, send a description of the bug + your workflow to get there, to your distributor

    3b: if you don't experience the same problem, send the original problematic showfile to your distributor,

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