Organizing Exported Presets

  • Ok going to try to explain what I am trying to do. I have created a macro that creates a lot of colors like AutoColor from MA2. Friend told me be better to export and import the presets as I would like so that I can import them into the pool without disturbing someone elses setup. import 10 colors I use down at preset 4.88 where no-one more then likely has placed any. I even went through Marko Kampf video on creating Template phasers. But when you go to import any of these presets one of the problems is it alphabetizes them so you wind up hunting for a while to find what you are after. I would love to be able to export say 20 colors into one xml name it in a way that I know its the latest. Then on an import I would look for the file lets just say the most recent date is the name of the xml. Then it sucks in the 20 colors I want to the preset number starting I designate. Same with phasers and the like. Not this one at a time find it import this one to this spot and that one to that spot. I had to put a ` in front of the names of each color i wanted so i could filter the list with _ and it would sort those ones out to pick them but was looking for something more organized. Sure can create a show file to take always, but what if you go in on someone elses rig and you happen to like your version of a set of phasers you created. If you can get what I am after. I have stepped in that pile before with MA2 and macros and not keeping a nice master set then search through different exported ones to find the one i was after and try to keep the master macro backup updated with ones that I will use often. I hope I was able to explain in a good way. Thanks if you made it through this reading.

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