Shortcuts on or off

  • With this command you can enable the keyboard shortcuts:
    Set UserProfile "Default"."KeyboardShortCuts" Property "KeyboardShortcutsActive" "1"

    I'm sure, that now you can read out the property via Lua.

  • wow. just trying to play with the plugins in MA3 is night and day compared to 2. I was basically wanting to create small script on stream deck to check if shortcut is on or off before doing the action. pressing F10 for those times when you want to type something is ok but its when you forget to hit it again for the shortcut to work. A small if statement : If KeyboardShortCuts == "0" then KeyboardShortcutsActive = "1" then the corresponding action I want be after "s" for "store" but making stream deck ask that question every time. stupid idea I know but until the day I can afford my own console. Kind of like For when I get done typing a label for something but forget to turn shortcuts back on. Looks like plugins on 3 is going to be like learning the phasers. I was starting to make some progress on 2. But it has been a slow process.

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