preset with delay 1 thr 10

  • hello

    I made preset color[cy] with delay time 1 thr 10 , when I use the preset it act OK 1 thr 10 but after when I use the YL preset with no delay time it act like it has the delay also.

    that the way it supposed to act?

    thank you

  • Yes, this is correct behaviour since the delay time is a layer like any other that is called back into the programmer and in this case, there is no delay information that is stored in the second preset it uses its previous recalled values.

    So for example:

    You make a red preset with Absolute values and Delay values and it will look like this in the presets:

    The red tick at the top denotes that absolute values are stored, while the orange denotes that delay values are stored.

    Next, you make a green preset this time only storing Absolute values. This one does not show any ticks (I assume because it only holds absolute value).

    Now when you call the red preset it calls the Absolute values AND the Delay values into the programmer. Then when you recall the green preset it only calls the Absolute values keeping the previous Delay values.

    There are a few ways around this:

    • Press the Green preset a second time, this will overwrite the red preset data with the green data (thus no delay timing)
    • Store a 0 Delay time Color Preset holding only the delay time and no absolute time, then you could hit this preset first followed by the green preset.
    • Don't store the delay time in the colour preset and make a timing-only preset holding only the delay time, then you could apply the delay to red, green or neither.

    and I'm sure other ways as well.

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