Autonomous System issue

  • I have a little issue that I can't seem to come up with a workaround for.

    I have an installation that has a main and backup onPC system. All works perfectly well, windows is keeping track that the application is running, and if not restarts it... and of course starts it on reboot.

    The problem is when the session is running, if one machine goes offline/reboots/losses power/etc when it comes back up it will try to connect back to the session, however the 'Session Collision' popup is displayed as both are running the same showfile. As the system is unattended, this window just times out and the station stays disconnected until a human can manually connected it.

    Any ideas on a way to bypass the 'session collision' and force it to always take the Master data?

    If I could hook the MAnetSocket data I could simply look to see if my backup becomes 'Standalone' on the network and invite it but I don't believe MAnetSocket() exists in the API in the same way say CurrentEnvironment() does so can't Hook it...

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  • maybe an approach could be that your windows watchdog instead of starting your regular onPC shortcut, rather starts with a dedicated plugin that determines what to do next, e.g. join an existing session or load the actual showfile:

    "C:\Program Files\MALightingTechnology\gma3_xx\bin\app_system.exe" HOSTTYPE=onPC NOLOAD RUNPLUGIN="mystartup.xml"-1

    Show File Handling - grandMA3 User Manual - Help pages of MA Lighting International GmbH

    you can use the Root() API function to access any part of the data-tree, e.g. Root().MAnetSocket

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