Dot2 onPC with USB Enttec OpenDMX?

  • Hi btodag
    and welcome to the MA dot2 world!
    Unfortunately you´re are only able to access the free first universe via a Network port.
    If your Laptop doesn´t provide one, you might be able to use a USB to Network Adapter (like D-Link DUB-1312)


  • Yes, TVTM_Brian is very right.
    Even if the Connection Speed is able to go up to 100MBit, mostly it doesn´t do this stable in a WLAN connection.
    The latency between two stations shouldn´t exceed 2ms - this is the second reason why WLAN shouldn´t be used.
    So as all this isn´t stable, we do not recommend it.


  • This is the dot2 forum. For grandma2 please visit

    Anyway it is also MA Lighting so here is what you can try.
    1. GrandMA2 onPC doesn't output DMX, Artnet, sACN or any other Ethernet protocol without at least one piece of MA Lighting Hardware. A 2port node or Command Wing are required to unlock the output.

    2.Your Computer need a second IP address in the 2.x.x.x range with a subnet mask of

    3. Start a session in onPC.

    4. Activate Artnet output and Artnet output if Alone in Network tab.

  • So, I ended up with the DMXking eDMX1 PRO Ethernet, which I'm sure is very entry-level. My excitement is beyond explanation as my lights responded the first time.

    However, I was thinking that I would be using Art-Net after I got the thing hooked up, but Art-Net never found the device. I enabled sACN just to see if it did anything and instantly everything lit up and moved to position. Being such a newbie, I didn't doubt sACN over Art-Net at first, I just ran with it. Now, I'm just curious. Should I be trying to get Art-Net to work or just roll with sACN?

    A quick google suggests sACN is newer and maybe the future, is that the case?

  • I have a eDMX1Pro and used a eDMX2Pro and both worked straight away, out of the box.

    I usually plug my computer and eDMX together, then booth up my computer, then open Dot2.

    Then press on Setup --> Network interface, and select the network you would like to use (local Area, or Ethernet).
    Then go Setup -->Network Protocols and make sure that the protocols are active and ticked in green. Wait a couple of seconds, then you should be able to control whatever is attached to your stream, if patched correctly.

    I occasionally use the wifi and router option for plotting, or specific circumstances (I have designed a show in a 70mt x 35mt carpark and was able to walk around to do a channel check and focus. The router was set up in the centre of the carpark).
    I totally agree the wifi option is not recommended for running shows.

  • Does the eDMX1Pro come with the power supply USB cable that can plug into a laptop/dekstop USB port? I don't need the USB to AC part, or do you need to supply the power cable yourself?


  • I don't think you need an additional USB power supply, but I use one. My laptop only has a few USB ports. I just have a power strip in my gear that I plug everything into.


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