How this kind of lights that only has HUE and SAT to get color in 3d (this is a bug?)


  • Hello Friends,

    I patched a light from ETC, Source Four LED Series 2 , Patched like "S2 Lustr HSIC strFan"

    the LED light has color

    In color page it do not have color, only have HUE and SAT,but if I change the number on those two, Nothing shows on 3d window, seem like can not change color?

    If have experience for change color for HUE and SAT, Please help !


  • Edit the fixture type. Change the Attribute for Hue to "HSB_Hue" and for Saturation to "HSB_Saturation".

    That works for me.

    Thanks for reply. could you help me to find how to Change the Attribute for Hue to "HSB_Hue" and for Saturation to "HSB_Saturation".

  • I think, not really a bug. More a bad translation from a MA2 Fixture Type to MA3.

    And unfortunately ETC also stubbornly refuses to supply proper GDTF fixture types for their devices. Maybe they don't want to support a competitor....?

  • The answer I got from ETC is that they are not interested on GDTF because they are building their own fixture types for eos Augment3d. Since these fixture types are built by them, ETC has 24/7 support when there are issues to be solved.

    My experience with GDTF was far from that. When I had issues and tryed to get some help, I had very precarious or no support at all, even when the fixture types were built by the manufactors.

    I am sure GDTF will be a great tool in a near future though.

  • Some time ago I had a terrible experience using the Robe Spiider official GDTF. No response from the manufacturer. Had to use an anonymous built fixture type...

    Okay. Thats a shame. I was shocked how fast they responded to me and fixed the files. And it's an old lamp from a discontinued line.

    Did you contact them by this email? And i am in europe if that makes a difference.

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