executer independent of solo

  • hello, does anyone know how to make an executer independent of solo? I work in the theater and have assigned the houselights to a fader, but they should be at their current dim value when I'm working with solo. but I don't want to change anything directly in the houselight defaults, because we also store them in cues. does anyone have a solution? thanks

  • Hello,

    currently no function is implemented to protect a sequence against "solo".

    Perhaps it is an option to move the houselights into another world or park the fixtures

    before using solo.

  • You could park the house lights when you need them to stay up.

    I do hope exclusions can be added to faders/sequences at some point.

  • You could make a group out of your houselights and assing that tho exec and make that group additive. Only set back with this is that all of the fixtures in that group will be at same level. But if it just "worklights" it does not really matter does it? And another set back is that you cannot fade groups execs in or out with commands.