• Rikurama :

    That's what I do.

    This is not easy to explain:

    I would like that the command "block cue x" would interrupt the tracking of every single attribute on every fixture included on that sequence.

    For example: if I only store the position and dimmer of a spot, I would like that the block also stored the default values of this spot shutters, beam and focus so the tracking is blocked...

    Hope this makes any sense.

    (I come from the etc eos environment where block works like this. And it has an auto-block tool, which is really useful on theater sequence programming)

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  • FilipeQ

    In MA 2 theres a cue option called „cue zero“, which is basically what dherderich suggested as a workaround in MA 3. Give it a try. In conjunction with a break or a block, it should do what you want it to.

    Btw, I’m pretty sure that as soon as tracking shield is added and you found out what it‘s capable of, you won’t ask for etc’s autoblocks anymore.

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