• HEY,

    when making phaser with some steps [pan tilt] and run it any preset [color, zoom....] is merge to the steps auto without ant commend.


    at the past integrated command was needed.

    for me that situation is making the programer zone messy.

  • Hey,

    When I running phaser from.the editor or making new phaser I don't won't that every thing I thuch will be recored.

    If I made a dim phaser and want to see how is look wirh adiffernt zoom or color without integrated it auto.

    On live situations when You need to make a phaser running on show ( spot move to the crowd ) and then you need to change more arttibute without them be apart of the phaser it can not be done.

    It can be nice to have an option to look the phaser from the adittor and in the same have an option to run more the one phaser in the same.time.

    Phaser 1 2 step running from the edditor -LOCk

    Phaser 2 - 2 differnt step running and can be edit.

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  • I'm still not understanding what the problem is. Not saying there isn't a problem I just don't get it yet. Can you brake it down to steps? What should happen and what should not happen.

    And now reading previous post and waiting for answer.

  • I hade some issu with phaser runninig at the additor ( pan tilt) when I change the zoom of the spot so now I have phaser on the pan tilt and zoom, I don't want it.

    Or I miss something.

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