How do I add a fixture to a previous cue?

  • Hello! If I’m in a the sequence sheet and I added a new fixture for example in cue 3. So the fixture appears for the rest of the track sheet but if I’m asked to start with that fixture from cue 1 without it being selected how do I do that? I know I can edit blindly through the track sheet but that’s only if the fixture is saved at the beginning of the sequence at cue 1.

  • You can store the content of the programmer to any cue you want.

    So apply the values the fixture should have in cue 1 in the programmer. Then execute "Store Cue 1" (or if it is not the selected sequence execute "Store Sequence x Cue 1", the x stands for the name or number of the desired sequence).

    In the appearing choose Merge.

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