• In the (thought for now) process of setting up a CRMX-based wireless setup for on-location control. Thinking of "grandMA-on PC" on a windows 11 tablet, connected via wifi on a router/access point that feeds a 2k/4k node, that feeds a transmitter (ie stardust), that sends signals to lights. Before acquiring the hardware, thinking-out-loud. Does it sound right? Anyone out there having done it? Any foreseen/unforeseen trouble with MAnet data packets? Any reason why it shouldn't work?

  • The connection between the onPC and the node needs a 1000Mb connection. Your wifi solution will not have this specification. Unless you feed your transmitter with sACN, there is no option to use a router. Artnet f.i. cannot be routed.

    Modern wifi access points will filter broadcast packets. So this won't work either.

    If there is a need for a thru wireless approach, I'd start thinking about a hardwired network onPC station with a remote access application. Teamviewer, Anydesk, VLC, ...

    Create a solid core network (wired) and then add mobility.

    During testing, your wireless solution will seem to work. In production now you'll find tad wifi networks which will interfere. During production, you will face hundreds of wifi clients present, all demanding a lock. By the way, even the CRMX uses the same frequencies as wifi networks do, so even CRMX has to fight for/share free bandwidth.

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