Set layout camera from command

  • Hey, I am trying to automate the building of a few layout views via syntax.

    I can assign the fixtures to the layouts and open the setup bar however I need a way to assign the camera to the fixtures.

    I have the following macro

    • selfix group "ShowFixtures"
    • assign layout "ShowTop2D" /merge /noconfirm
    • call view "Layouts"
    • Select Layout "ShowTop2D"
    • Edit ScreenContent 1.1.1 Property 'Setup'
    • Edit ScreenContent 2.1.1 Property 'Setup'
    • Set Layout "ShowTop2D" Property "Arrangement"
    • Set Layout "ShowTop2D" Property 'ArrangeOnChange' "true"
    • Set Layout "ShowTop2D" Property 'LayoutType' "Camera"
    • Set Layout "ShowTop2D" Property 'Camera' "Top"
    • Set Layout "ShowTop2D" Property 'Scale' "1"

    I cant get the final two lines line to work, have troed many alternatives but cant find the solution in the manual or anywhere else.
    What ideas do you have.


  • Hey! i was wondering if you got anywhere with this, i'm trying to do the same thing, i do manage to set the camera, the command is:

    Set Layout "XXX" Property "CameraIndex" "YYY"

    However for some reason it never applies and i can't seem to find the right command to apply it, i've tried changing the order when the "ArrangeOnChange" is called but no success!

  • i copied your macrolines into my setup - in version

    I selected my ALL / SymRig Group and assigned it to a layout. I don't need any adjustments like 2d top etc. cause I did it proper SelectionGrid in the group.

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