Zoom/Shutter/Beam Angle settings don't cooperate.

  • I’m setting up a small show in GrandMa2 onPc and MA3D

    I put six American DJ Inno Pocket Z4, 19-channel, moving head lighting fixtures in the patch from the library.

    I’m having trouble gaining control over the beam/zoom/shutter in these fixtures in MA2 onPC.

    I have to have control of the zoom range in these fixtures before I can show someone something representative.

    They have a variable zoom of 10-60 degrees.

    The zoom function works, because it will go to narrow; however,

    when I set it to wide, it will not zoom out to the 60 degree beam I should see.

    It only looks like about 20-30 degrees at most.

    So, I exhausted the help section about editing fixtures/modules and such, looked at other examples in the fixture and module editors, and attempted to solve the problem:

    I opened Fixture Types, selected the mentioned Z4, and selected “Edit” at lower left.

    Zoom Default/Highlight is set at 0/100.

    Shutter Default/Highlight is set at 0/100.

    “Beam Angle,” is set to "1" in Module Manager.

    "Intensity," is set to "6000" in MM.

    Also, “Shutter” setting doesn’t work. When at full, beam shows on stage, open or closed here.

    I’m pretty much out of my knowledge base here.

    Can someone help me out here with this, please?

    Thank you. :saint:

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