Cue timing

  • I use sequences with ony one cue as masters for like front light. When i move the fader, nothing happens, until I reach 50%.

    Is there a way to "distribute" the cue to the full fader-movement?

  • By default it should work the way you want. I think there's something else going on in your setup.

    • You have {AutoStart} enabled for the sequences in question, correct?
    • The faders are defined as Master, correct?
    • Do the cues have a fade time?
    • Are you talking about physical faders or on-screen faders?
    • Are the sequences turning on when the fader is at 1% and you just don't see output, or are the sequences not actually turning on?

    Troubleshooting might be easiest if you share your show file with your local distributor and point out the sequences and executors in question.

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