MA3 Processing Unit Issue After Exiting The "Patch" Window (V1.8.1.0)

  • Hi MA Lighting,

    I had an issue with MA3 console if link up with MA3 Processing Unit.

    The issue is after changing and exiting the DMX address from the "Patch" window, the Processing Unit will block all the DMX output on the MA3 network system including MA3 Node.

    The only way to solve the issue I found for now is "dismiss" the Processing Unit on the network system and then be able to have the DMX output as normal.

    Please advise.

    MA3 V1.8.1.0

  • Did you by chance upgrade the firmware of the PU or Nodes via the console?

    I had a similar issue where I had 8 nodes that were all upgraded via the console, everything was working fine until some point where all of the nodes would stop outputting DMX but we're still online. Not even rebooting brought them back on line.

    I went up to one of the nodes and just adjusted the port configuration and all of the nodes started outputting again for a little while then 'locked up' again.

    I called into ACT and they suggested doing a firmware update on the nodes using the usb stick. After I did them all everything seemed to work for at least 4 hours without issue.

    I did not notice when they stopped responding but it makes sense editting the patch since we were in the process of re doing a show from MA2 to MA3 and we're starting fresh and in and out of the patch often.

  • After doing another system today it seems that the USB upgrade path did not solve the issue, we just were done messing with the patch.

    Another way I was sometimes able to solve the issue was going to the node and Entering the Port menu -> Port Mode and just touching the Mode (e.g Out) at that point some of the nodes unlock and start working.

    The really unfortunate part is rebooting the desk or node via the desk does not seem to solve the issue.

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