Select a cue without activating it

  • Hi,

    I have run into a problem that I can not figure out.

    I have a cue list which only contains information about gobos, and I also have other cues such as position and color.

    I want to select a cue from the cue list without triggering it. If I am running a position cue and I want to run a gobo too, I want to be able to select a gobo from my gobo cue list and activate it when I have the fader up on that executer.

    In short, I want to be able to pre-select a cue within the cuelist but only GO when I bring up the fader.

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    here you can use the "load" keyword in the commandline "load cue 10 seq x" or the load function assigned to an executor button.

    If the load button is pressed a popup with the cue list appears where you can choose the cue which should be loaded.

    With the next "go" the loaded cue will be executed.

  • Thanks for your response, but it does not seem to work. When I type the command, I get an error which is "Error #12: EXPECTED NAME:" and in the command line I see the command is "LoadShow...". I found this yesterday before I posted this thread, but I think this only works for grandMA2. Maybe I am doing something wrong.

  • I wanted to ask if you are sure you are using Dot2, because I just took a look at the versions.

    And it would not be a solution for me even if it worked, because I want to just go to the next cue without activinting it.

    No problem thanks for your time!