Live control phaser attributes with executors

  • Hey everyone,

    I started wondering, whether it would be in any way possible to live update certain attributes of a phaser with an executor knob, or fader.

    I imagine it like this: I would run a phaser on an exec fader, and be able to change for example its width or phase with the encoder above. A bit like the common MA2 effect generator, but attributes now assigned to the new encoders.

    Right now I have two ideas about achieving this:

    1. Try to get the encoder position somehow (assign a dimmer channel and use DMX remotes maybe?) and use that in a clever Lua script.

    2. Create a long sequence with blank cues triggering commands that change and update the desired attribute. Assign that sequence to the encoder, and scroll through the cuestack.

    I’d love to hear your thoughts about this.

  • I have a system to live change a sequence.

    I'm using recipes, which when stored to an executor, updates the outcome when the recipe values are changed.

    When I know what kind of changes I want I store all of them in a sequence as multiple blank cues, and I have on my rotating encoder left "load previous" and on my rotating encoder right "load next" with a top or go+ button

    If anyone has a better / simpler way, feel free to share it.

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