Recipes Merging when changing values

  • Hello Forum,

    I've encountered something I did not expect.

    I'm creating my color changing phaser via recipes, so I can easily edit live their MAtricks.

    What I wanted was to have multiple color effect in one recipe for one group of fixtures.

    What I did was having commands that says "assign preset 4.x at preset x.x.x(where my recipe is located)". But when I store the recipe in a sequence with value 1, and launch my command so it changes to value 2, and check the recipe, the value is indeed changed to 2 but the ouput is a merge between value 1 and value 2.

    I tried storing the recipe without any value in it first and then assign a value to it, but the cue stays empty.

    Thanks to anyone reading !

  • Maybe you can do a cook/ overwrite to the sequence.

    There has also a bug fixed with recipes where values stayed in the sequence when the recipe have been changed.

    This is fixed with V1.8.8.2:
    "When editing the recipe of a running cue, the old data of the recipe was still running on the output. This bug is fixed. Edited recipes update their output and release old data when the cue with the recipe is still running."

  • I have downloaded the version and am still hitting a wall.

    Now I'm trying to change the transition of a running effect, to transform the sin wave into a cut. What I did was a macro that says :

    Set preset 1.7;
    step 1 at transition 0; 
    step 2 at transition 0; 
    cook preset 1.11.1 /o

    With 1.11.1 being my recipe. When I'm only running my recipe preset the change works. But when I'm running my stored recipe it doesn't work.

    Is there another way to edit the transition / width of a running sequence ?

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