How to get the current value of an executor fader?

  • I didn't find any way to do it.
    I found an ugly hack workaround.

    I turn on OSC out, and I use an external app to listen for OSC, and for each fader value received I send back an OSC Cmd message. This Cmd can either call my LUA plugin with that value, or set a UserVar, so the plugin can get the value when it needs it.

    But this is something I can only use myself, I cannot deliver my plugin to users an expect them to run an external App for this.

  • notice the curly brackets in the error message, you need to provide a {table}, however table content is [optional]

    Lua "Echo(GetExecutor(201):GetFader({}))"

    Lua "Echo(SelectedSequence():GetFader({token='FaderMaster'}))"

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