Import MVR and 3D position

  • Hi all,

    I'm trying to import fixtures and patch using MVR on a show.

    For new fixtures it's OK, but I would like to update position of existing fixtures with same ID without touching the patch. Is there a workflow to do that for now? I hope we'll be able to import the fixture type in one click to...!

    Does the PSR will come in a next release (1.9 or 1.809776?) ;)

    I had a little bug to. When only selecting part of the fixtures (let's say I just want to import beams) I also get the grouping from the MVR file...


  • Hi YannLAH,
    MVR is engineered as a bidirectional Protocol/ File.

    All Fixtures in the MVR File have a UUID which is unique.

    This UUID stays the same in the background and if you import the same MVR File again but with updated positions, addresses, fixture ID's etc. it will automatically match the fixtures from the MVR to the fixtures that are already in the show.

    New objects will just be added.

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