Timecode LUA Plugins?

  • Has anyone had a lot of luck creating timecode plugins on MA3? What properties have you found and are you willing to share some templates?

    I'm looking to see if it's possible to export and import cue data between different sequences and within the same timecode slot and I wonder what it would look like to build a lua plugin from scratch or if someone already made a plugin like that.

  • I'm looking to see if it's possible to export and import cue data between different sequences and within the same timecode slot

    I don't think I understand what this means.

    "Export and import cue data between difference sequences" - copy and paste cues between sequences?

    "within the same timecode slot" - timecode slots don't contain any data, they are just a signal stream. Do you mean timecode show?

    Can you elaborate more on what you are looking for?

  • So I'm looking for a way to bring in timecode data from a seperate song sequence onto a master sequence for the show.

    The idea is so that I can timecode a song within that song sequence, export the data on when the times for each cue go, and then import that data to the master sequence if we do that song for the show.

    MA3 has something similar built in via the Import and Export option, but the problem with it is that you are limited to importing data between the timecodes as a whole. In other words, when you import a timecode, you can't specify where in the tracks you want to place your data within the timecode itself.

    Can this be possible via Lua?

  • I think I get what you're asking here (yeah I know it's an old thread, but whatever. I've been busy on shows lol)

    From my understanding, you want to "merge" timecode events from multiple timecode pool items into a single timecode pool with offsets for each item.

    This is actually fairly easy. From the command line, you can observe all your timecode data using "cd timecode (timecode pool number)". Then you can keep cd'ing through the different objects in the pool item.

    As for the lua element to this, you'll need to use the object API to copy data from the objects in your existing timecode and append that to the objects in your new timecode. For example, to add a new track group to timecode 1, the code might look like this:

    local timecodeHandle = ObjectList("Timecode 1")[1]

    local trackGroupHandle = timecodeHandle:Append("TrackGroup")

    This can be a bit daunting if you don't understand the object API, but biggest thing that helped me was the :Dump() function that you can add to almost any handle and get a print out of the data in that object.

    Hope this helps!

  • Now that this thread has come back to live, I am wondering about this workflow. I don´t understand why you would like to merge everything to the main sequence. One of the nice things from time-code in my opinion is that you can keep your sequences (or songs) separate while editing only the offset of the timecode. This makes it easy to adapt your show if a song is skipped, inserted or altered...

  • A_art is correct. In terms of workflow, merging the timecode events into one doesn't really make a ton of sense. Still, if that REALLY is what you want to do, it is possible with the API. I'm only familiar with the timecode API for some other projects I'm working on ;)

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