converted ma2 library in ma3

  • Hello Everyone,

    maybe i am just not doing it right but how do I use the converted ma2 library in ma3 with version I think until 1.6.3 I was able to directly use the converted ma2 libary within the patch. It seems to me that quiet a number of manufacturers are still delivering the fixture types mostly for ma2.

    How is the intended approach of using pre defined ma2 library fixtures in ma3?

    The help file just states that converted ma2 fixtures are able to be used, however it does not give any hint on how to convert these at all. By using google I found the approach of using ma2 software to export a patch that includes the fixtures, reimport this to ma3 and the store the fixtures. This seems like a pretty annoying and time intensive workaround for me so I assume that there must bei a convenient and easy solution that I just did not find out yet.

    Best Regards,


  • Ok, i got it. I assumed this includes only the ma3 fixture types.

    However, the type i was looking for was actually from and already installed on the console I have been working on. That mislead me to the asumption that there are differences in the library content.

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