Error ''Grand MA 3 has Crashed'' yes, again...

  • My Onpc was working perfectly, until one day, it gave the error: ''grand ma 3 on pc has crashed'' and it never worked properly again.

    Now, the on pc app opens, but now, when I click on some specific windows, such as preset or 3D windows, the crash comes again...

    I've tried clean start, reinstalling the on pc, moving the app to another hd and nothing worked. I use Onpc on Windows 10, any suggestions?

  • I experienced the same exact thing last week. In the terminal i got the message: "Warning: data is not aligned! This can lead to a speed loss'' exception error code 0xc0000005." I reinstalled the software 5 times right now and removed all the other versions. It's not a fault in the showfile because when using MA made shows the software keeps crashing also. The PC i am using is in the recommended specs. Anyone any ideas what this could be?

  • Same here, since last week i get a "[swscaler @ 000002b976677240] Warning: data is not aligned! This can lead to a speed loss" together with slow, unstable and crashing software. Tried everything except a complete reinstall of windows but so far nothing has fixed it.

  • Yes a complete reinstall of windows is what i thought about also, but how can it be possible that software crashes and the only way to get it working properly again (hopefully) is by reinstalling windows again?...

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