• Hi, is there a certain way I can change the command line in a macro using the console command line, like in a cue or sequence you could say Assign sequence X Cue 1 /fade_dimmer=0.4 so is there q way I can do the same just for editing a macro.

  • Hi Brandon,

    First of all, i have made a mistake in the quotation marks, so i have changed the syntax above.

    Second to that: this is the code: you need to specify a macronumber and the linenumber of that macro you would like to change. "command" is the property you would like to change so you can leave that in place. Then the last part between the " " is the command itself, if it is the command you gave as an example the commandline would look like this if you would like to change line 1 of macro 2:

    Set Macro 2.1 "command" "Assign sequence 1 Cue 1 /fade_dimmer=0.4"

    However the syntax you gave in the first place seems to be incorrect/might have changed in software versions: fade_dimmer does not work for GMA3, this syntax would work perfectly when running GMA2.

    The correct syntax would be: Set Sequence 1 Cue 1 PRESET1FADE='0.4'

    So to wrap it all together: to change line 1 of macro 2 to the function you would like to use could be:

    Set Macro 2.1 "command" "Set Sequence 1 Cue 1 PRESET1FADE='0.4'"

    Kind regards,

    Mark van der Meulen

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