Updating MA on PC node- 3 vs 2 mode catch

  • Something that I missed, I thought I'd share.

    MA on PC nodes in Ver 3 must, must equal the software you are using on your On PC or console.

    YET- They WILL work in MA2 mode however without matching software. So that sent me down a "rabbit hole" thinking I had a IP issue.

    An easy way to update:

    download the ver ma3 software you are going to use on your show.

    Download the full MA build, not the On PC software from the web site.

    Extract the software onto an empty USB stick

    with the node off, plug in the USB stick, turn on. It will ask you to press the menu button to update,

    then again if you want to format the hard drive on the node. If yes, press again.

    wait, it will update, and reboot. remove usb and you are set.

    Now I know most of you know this, but It caught me and a friend who took our MA nodes working perfectly in 2 mode, moved over to MA 3 to start a new show and were stumped for a second.

    I thought I'd put this here to help out.

  • Technically the first 3 pieces of the software version need to match (e.g. vA.B.C.D and vA.B.C.E could technically join together in a network). Every MA3 software version since v1.3.1.3 so far has had a corresponding MA2 version that is 3.9.60.x. So yes, you could have something running Mode2 v3.9.60.2 in session with something running Mode2 v3.9.60.45, and then when you put them into MA3 software, the hardware running MA3 v1.3.1.3 would not be able to network with the hardware running MA3 v1.8.1.0.

    EDIT: Note that the same rule technically applies for MA3 as well, e.g. you could have something running MA3 v1.6.3.5 in session with something running MA3 v1.6.3.7

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