Set scrollv by macro on current screen won‘t work on v1.8.1.0

  • Hi,

    I‘ve created macros in the past releases to switch between scrollv positions of group windows.

    For that I‘ve created a macro line like:

    Set screencontent default.1 property scrollv „80,80“

    to jump to item 80 at the group pool inside the same screen (group pool and macros are displayed on the same screen).

    This way I don‘t need to create that much views with only changed group scroll positions as in grandMA2.

    My macro is working on 1.8 but when I want to create a new macro with the same command in 1.8 then the „ .1“ is removed inside the macro and I have no chance to write this into a macro line again.

    Does anybody know why?

    Maybe you have a different solution to achieve this?

    Thx, Markus.

  • Hi , did you guys find a way to move just one pool scrollV?

    I Mean, if i run that command all the window scrool, i find out I can Declared with window "Category" but if i Want scroll only the preset pool 22 i can't find a way.

    ChangeDestination ShowData.UserProfiles.1.ScreenConfigurations.1.ScreenContents "Default" ; Set 2.WindowPresetPool Property "scrollv" "99,99" ; ChangeDestination Root

    So from here i can scrool the "WindowPresetPool" of the screen 2 at 99, so the first number is the 100.
    2 thing i did't find out how doing:

    -Set this parameter without ChangeDestination
    -How filter more witch WindowPresetPool

    Thank you

  • This does the job without changing the destination:

    Set Root ShowData.UserProfiles.1.ScreenConfigurations.1.ScreenContents.1.1.3 Property "scrollv" "99,99"

    The order of windows inside a screencontent is determined by the order the user added them. You need to know which one your desired one is. At least a preset pool window has the PresetPoolType setting. Maybe this helps you?

  • Lua "local s,p,o=1,21,99 for _,w in ipairs(ObjectList('ScreenContent '..s..'.*')) do if w.Name=='WindowPresetPool' and w.PresetPoolType==p-1 then w.WindowScrollPositions.ScrollV=o..','..o end end"

    edit values for s, p, o

    (screen, poolnumber, offset)

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