Unable to connect USB-Stick

  • Hi everyone, I hope someone could help me.

    So I´m having trouble to connect my USB-Stick to load/store my showfile on it. After my first Show on the MA3 I would like to improve my show at home, but my USB-Stick does not get listed in the USB-Configuration/StorageDevice tab on my Laptop. On the Tourpack I worked with, it got listed and I was able to store/load my show on it.

    The same stick works perfectly fine with other devices, so I think this is a problem of my instalation image.

    Deinstall/install of the programm does not do the trick :(

    Is there any solution without reseting my Windows?

    Hardware info:

    Computer: Lenovo Youga Duet 7 with Win 11

    Stick: MA Lightning stick

    Software Version: &

    On boot-up I get the following error, does this might be the troublemaker? :/

    "Could not open optional file C:/ProgramData/MALightingTechnology/gma3_1.8.1/systemapp/config/Console.dat for reading"

    Ore may my USB Type C Hub is the reason? Using a different one didn´t solve it, but maybe the current Software is not supporting such configurations.



  • Hi,

    we could also find the problem in MA-Support.

    After a Win11 update to the latest 22H2 version, no USB devices can be selected in the grandMA3 onPC software.

    The problem has already been forwarded to our development department and we are trying to find a quick solution for the problem.

  • Hi,
    In Win11 22H2 the registry for storage devices has been changed.
    With the next bugfix v1.8.x.x the problem can only be fixed for the next bugfix installation.
    Unfortunately the problem cannot be fixed for previously installed grandMA3 onPC versions.

    The USB connection to the grandMA3 onPC command wing is not affected.

  • In Win11 22H2 the registry for storage devices has been changed.

    Thank you M$ - again ... and where do we send our invoices to? Really? Now you guys have to figure out a workaround - again - for not your problems and keeping backwards compatibility in place. I now have an emotional touch with you guys.

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