Fixture selection affecting programmer phase

  • I have a quick question as to why something happens:

    Fixture 1 at Full

    Fixture 2 at Full

    Fixture 3 at Full

    Next Step

    Fixture 1 thru 3 at 0

    This causes the phaser to look like it's running out of phase when there is no data to support this so obviously it works fine in a cue.

    It seems to start the fixture running based on when, in time, when it was entered in the programmer since a macro like this looks like a 0 thru 360 align.

    Is there a real useful reason for this? It feels like the sync should reset when you add a second step, but then what do you do on step 3, start over again? Am I just missing something?

  • I think maybe this is a bug. It doesn't do this in v1.7. (I don't think it's because of the order in which they were added to the programmer first time - I think it's because of the selection order when you reselect them in the second step. In the first step all of them have a GridPos of 0,0,0 because you selected them one at a time; then in the second step their GridPos becomes Fixture 1 = 0,0,0, Fixture 2 = 1,0,0, Fixture 3 = 2,0,0, and so forth. But I think still a bug.)

    In any case, if you toggle the {Sync} button off then on again it works as expected.

  • It does seem to be based on the time since if you edit that macro so the first 5 steps happen in 0 seconds and the next 5 is 0.5 seconds then that changes the pattern.

    When an LD is calling out fixtures or groups it makes it look random.

    But yeah toggling Sync fixes it.

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