Part Cues and All Presets

  • I have a problem,

    For organisational reasons I have divided my cues in Part Cues and every time I store a Cue they go to:

    - Part 1: Dimmer.

    - Part 2: Position.

    - Part 3: Image - Gobo, Beam, Focus and Shappers -

    - Part 4: Colour.

    Now, I want to store a preset with all the attributes and when I store them in a Cue each attribute goes to the Part Cue assigned to it.

    The problem is that when I use a Preset All to store a cue, everything is stored in Part 0.

    That is to say, is there a way to assign Part Cues from the All Pool and when I store an ALL preset with all the attributes in a Cue, each one goes to its previously assigned part in the Cue?

    Thank you

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