Take Selection ( Same as in Gma2 )

  • Hello Everyone,

    I´m trying to generate a phaser that i can update with a macro ( same how in Gma2 with Take selection in efffects )

    is this possible in Grandma3 ?

    if Yes is there any Step by step describtion in the net to read it like a Dummy :S

    Best regarts

  • I would suggest that you take a look at recepies. U can make a universal phaser then use that in a recipe and swap just the group with macro.

    And u can modify them easily by Matricks

    Take a look at the MA starshow it has a lot of recepies.

  • Assign Group X At Sequence X Cue X Part 0."Recipe 1"

    Here is my version of this effect generator and bunch of other busking stuff in one file. Its still a working process and needs to be cleaned up and some tuning is still required, but maybe it helps for stuff.

    Its based on our theater layout and gear.

    Isopohja BUSKING009.show
    SHOW File

    Use at your own risk.

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  • I have this same type of busk format where i can edit the values off my recipes via CMD. However, when i change the values, the fixtures are snapping to their new value. (This link refers to a show that i've done and you see the lights snapping to their new value each time i edit them).

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    At 00:18. Is their a way that the values have a fadetime of 1 sec so the snapping is over, because the snapping is realy annoying.

    Thanks in advance!

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